September 29, 2018

The Neograft Hair Transplant technique is the newest and most superior option for men and women struggling with balding or serious thinning of the hair. But why should you choose the Neograft technique over another method? Here are five benefits of using the Neograft method for your hair restoration procedure.

1. The Neograft Method Is Revolutionary

Unlike the strip method, the Neograft transplant method uses a device recently invented called the follicular unit extraction tool. This tool has been heralded by a number of doctors and surgeons, specifically because it feels much more like the doctor’s hand as they choose specific hair follicles from the back of the head for harvesting.

Because the doctor has more control, they can make more accurate and careful decisions about harvesting follicles. In addition, the Neograft technique is not a surgical procedure, meaning it is less invasive and intense than previously utilized methods.

2. The Neograft Method Is Safer

All procedures have an element of potential problems, but the Neograft technique is faster, less invasive, and less likely to cause complications. Patients are able to leave the clinic more quickly because the procedure is not as intensive, and they are able to resume their normal, day-to-day activities in less time as well. There is no need for an incision like other methods, and there is no scarring either. Patients hardly ever experience complications or side effects from this procedure.

3. The Neograft Method Offers Overall Better Results

Every patient must choose for themselves which method seems better for their situation. However, on average, those who choose the Neograft method see better results. These include:

  • A more natural look to transplanted hair.
  • The absence of signs and symptoms of a transplant (including white circles or dots indicating the redistribution of hair).
  • Higher success rates associated with the transplanted hair.

When your doctor uses the Neograft transplant process to move hair follicles from the back of your head to the thinning portions, there is a better chance that these follicles will experience higher success rates over the strip method. In most cases, patients can expect twice the number of follicles to take when using the Neograft method instead of the strip method.

4. Anyone Can Use the Neograft Method

In some cases, certain methods are particularly beneficial to particular groups of people, such as men affected specifically by male-pattern baldness. But these are not the only individuals who can suffer from thinning hair or bald patches. Women can also experience baldness or severe thinning, and in fact, they make up 40 percent of the individuals who do experience some degree of hair loss in the US.

People might also lose their hair or experience thinning for other reasons, such as stress or illness. The wonderful benefit of the Neograft method is that almost any individual can utilize it.

5. The Neograft Method Is Less Costly

In some cases, the strip method requires multiple treatments over time, often because it is not as successful following the first procedure. This makes the Neograft method less costly in the long run, as most patients typically only have to go through a single procedure to experience the results they want.

Also, the follicular unit extraction method takes longer when practiced without the use of the Neograft tool, which makes the Neograft procedure faster, more precise, and also less likely to require longer or multiple sessions. In short, the Neograft tool makes for the fastest and most effective procedure, which also makes it the most cost-effective one.

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The Neograft hair transplant is a simple procedure, not a surgery, and it is more effective, less invasive, less costly, and more universal than other options. If you are interested in receiving a Neograft hair transplant, you can learn more about the procedure by scheduling a consultation with Smart New You today by calling 972-258-7464.