November 14, 2018

SmartLipo is often considered safer than traditional liposuction for many reasons. Although, both are safe, effective procedures that can be used for getting rid of fat in unwanted areas. However, your choice of which kind of liposuction to have depends on the type of fat removal you desire.

Why Is SmartLipo Safer Than Liposuction?

SmartLipo can be a safer choice than liposuction if you are wanting to remove fat from an area where small, intricate instruments will be more effective. The procedure uses smaller cannulas, or tubes, compared to traditional liposuction, so there is a lesser risk of scarring or bruising.

In addition, SmartLipo only uses local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, the latter of which puts the patient to sleep during the procedure. There are always possible complications associated with general anesthesia, so any time you can utilize a less invasive procedure that does not require this step, it’s going to be safer and easier. However, you will still need to ensure that SmartLipo will work for the procedure you have in mind.

When Is Liposuction a Better Choice Than SmartLipo?

All in all, SmartLipo is a more focused, more intricate, and a less invasive procedure than liposuction. Those who choose are using a safer option than liposuction itself, because it is not as intensive.

In some cases, though, traditional liposuction is a better choice. This often applies when large amounts of fat need to be removed in an area where precision isn’t as important. For example, if you are wanting to remove a considerable amount of fat from your stomach, liposuction could be more effective; while those hoping to get rid of fat around the chin area should probably choose SmartLipo.

Does SmartLipo Have Any Risks?

Like any medical procedure, SmartLipo has its risks. These can include bruising, hematoma, scarring, and infection. In rare cases, a person might even experience thermal injury or a burn on the skin from the lasers used in the SmartLipo procedure.

Traditional liposuction has all of these potential side effects as well, except for thermal injury. However, the use of general anesthesia increases the risks associated with this procedure. In general, SmartLipo is a less risky, milder procedure. But it is still important to consult with a doctor about which of these two options will best suit your needs, before you make your decision.

Want to Learn More About SmartLipo and Liposuction?

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