The SmartSkin CO2 laser is a revolutionary new way to rejuvenate your aged and sun damaged skin. SmartSkin is an ablative laser, which means it removes the outermost layer of the epidermis.

Over the years, signs of aging appear as a result of exposure to the sun and the effects of gravity and natural aging. The good news is that new advancements in laser technology provide a means of rejuvenating and restoring your skin to a more youthful, smoother look.

Now you can have younger looking skin with as little as one treatment. This laser treats a multitude of skin issues while building collagen. These concerns may include fine lines, old acne scars, wrinkles, brown and red spots, and coarsened, dry skin areas.This innovative treatment is a new way of attaining effective skin rejuvenation with a quick, non-invasive procedure that requires little downtime.

The skin is stimulated by the formation of new collagen, the protein that gives skin youthful, healthy-looking volume. Only problem areas of your skin are treated without impacting healthy skin tissue. The loss of skin volume (usually as the result of sun damage) is what causes lines and wrinkles to form.

Watch one of our physicians, Dr. Charles Powell, explain the SmartSkin CO2 laser skin treatment in the video below.

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