ThermiRF technology successfully achieves both improved tightening and contouring in the same treatment for a less painful, more reliable, less invasive and overall safer procedure. It was designed to treat smaller areas of fat tissue and provide a lifting effect for patients.

With ThermiRF’s technology alone, patients will witness results in about 6-12 weeks, as their bodies start to naturally cause tissues to tighten and flush out targeted fat tissue. However, if paired with liposuction, patients can expect to see immediate results with improved skin tightening.

Smart New You proudly offers three types of procedures using the ThermiRF technology:


Radiofrequency energy is used to heat the fat layer in the hypodermis, causing a release of liquid fat from the fat cell, and inducing a shrinking of the cells in the targeted area, resulting in overall outer tissue appearance.


Stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen can smooth and tighten many areas of your body. The typical “trouble” areas tend to yield the best results such as the neck, jaw line, axillary folds, and the submental area. The ThermiRF probe is a non-invasive application and is ideal for around the eyes and lips.

Who can be treated with a ThermiRF?


Good candidates are patients that have smaller trouble areas such as submental, axillary fold and arms. Use ThermiRF for soft tissue tightening and coagulation to achieve volume reduction and reduced skin laxity.


Good candidates are patients with skin type I-IV looking for treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles.

* results vary by patient in clinical studies.

* photos are not Smart New You patients