August 21, 2017

Along with IPL and laser treatment serving Dallas, dermal fillers are one of the most popular solutions for improving your skin and achieving a more youthful appearance. Popular dermal fillers include Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Prevelle Silk.

While IPL is ideal for helping men and women achieve a beautiful, even complexion, dermal fillers are designed to diminish fine lines and facial wrinkles. When used in conjunction with microdermabrasion and laser therapy, dermal fillers can take years off your appearance. Injectable fillers restore volume and fullness in areas of the face that have begun to sag or look hollow with age. As you age, your facial muscles naturally become lax. In addition, subcutaneous fat begins to disappear from underneath the eyes, in the cheeks, and around the smile. Fillers are used to add volume by plumping thin lips and filling in facial creases. Fillers can also enhance contours in areas that have become hollow. Dermal fillers can even improve the appearance of scars. If you are in the early stages of aging, ask your physician if dermal fillers can help you achieve younger, smoother skin.