January 31, 2019

SmartSkin C02 treatment is performed to minimize and treat a number of skin conditions or to simply smooth out wrinkles and reduce signs of aging. This technology is incredibly effective for all types of skin, and because it has been used for many years to achieve dramatic improvements in the skin, most people are extremely familiar and comfortable with its use.

However, many who are deciding whether or not to get SmartSkin C02 treatment for the first time are wary about how the laser itself works as well as how it achieves its results. In order to help with this, we’re happy to give you a breakdown of what the C02 laser actually does.

C02 Ablative Lasers

The SmartSkin C02 laser we use is an ablative laser, which is different from the fractional lasers sometimes used for C02 treatment. Ablative lasers work a lot like other detox facial treatments, such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, in that they remove the outermost layers of the skin, which reveals the smoother, younger-looking skin beneath.

We decided to perform ablative laser skin treatment for several reasons. This technique has been utilized for many years with effective results; while newer options, though they may be flashier, are less time-tested. Another reason is that ablative lasers give patients the best possible results over other treatments, so you get the most for your money. Many people who try newer laser treatments typically do not see the dramatic results associated with ablative lasers.

What Does the C02 Laser Do?

The C02 laser actually offers a two-fold methodology that allows it to create such fantastic, quick, and long-lasting results. First, the laser creates beams of light that are absorbed by the skin. The light turns into energy, which then rushes through the skin and elevates its temperature. The skin then becomes very hot, and the tissue evaporates as a result. Ablative lasers are generally used to remove the outer layer of skin this way.
When this occurs, the skin’s natural healing techniques are triggered, and the cells begin to renew themselves, creating a fresher, younger look. This process also boosts collagen production, which increases skin elasticity and adds to the youthfulness of one’s look.

How Does the C02 Laser Work?

The C02 laser is able to evaporate dead skin because it turns light into energy which in turn heats the skin. The heat from the little rays of light wakes up the skin and tells it to get motivated, and in most individuals’ cases, the skin responds beautifully.

One of the best aspects of the C02 laser is that it works on almost all skin types.

Am I Harming My Skin When I Use C02 Treatment?

You are not actually harming your skin when getting a SmartSkin C02 treatment. While you may see redness in your skin for the first few days or so after the procedure, your skin will start to heal very quickly. The use of SmartSkin C02’s laser treatment is very similar to a regular skin exfoliation — just on a grander scale.

You Can Start SmartSkin C02 Treatment Today

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